Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (“IP”) offers owners an exclusive right to a variety of intangible assets in:

  • musical;
  • literary;
  • artistic works;
  • discoveries and inventions;
  • words and phrases; and
  • designs.

IP plays an important role in contracts including general contracts and franchise agreements, statutory registrations such as trademarks, patents and registered designs, non-disclosure agreements (protecting ideas from being disclosed) and trade secrets. At Commercial and Legal, we can advise you issues relating to:

  • Copyright;
  • Trade Mark;
  • Patents; and
  • Registered Designs.

We assist IP holders with the following legal services:

  • Registration of trademarks, patents and registered designs; and
  • Enforcement of your IP rights.

Be mindful of…

Did you know that all works in the form of intellectual property completed by employees are automatically transferred to the employer but all work completed by a contractor still remains the intellectual property of the creator and not the business owner? We understand the complexities of contracts and can assist you to protect your Intellectual Property and create value for your business. For further information, please contact our office on (08) 8206 8444.

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